Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cast Drawings

Drawing 2; aka the class of zoo visits and lots of pastel dust

homework assignment: graphite study of a white object (or in this case baby powder):

pastel studies at the Ringling museum:

We spent a good majority of our final classes at the local zoo (not much of a selection of animals, so I use the term "zoo" loosely). Our final assignment was to pick an animal, study it, and the create a character from it. I chose flamingos, and really wanted to portray their jerky, skiddish movements, thus "Paranoid Perry" was created using photoshop. 

...and by the end of this assignment I was pretty sick of drawing flamingos

3D final assignments

For our final assignments in 3D, we had to make a character, sculpt it, and then create an environment for it.
 Here are some of the beginning sketches for my character:

then sculpted...

and what would an environment be without a scary monster...

Creating the environment for this character was  probably the most time and cost consuming thing I'd ever done at Ringling, but the end product was satisfying, which completely makes up for it. (Except it ended up in the dumpsters due to my inability to ship it back to Connecticut)

3D Shenanigans

Running Wire Gesture Sequence

Edith the Model; in Oil Clay


From all the way back in first semester, my perspective final done in marker. The assignment was a falling object in three point perspective. This class was most definitely the most challenging of my first semester at Ringling, but the most enjoyable.