Monday, September 30, 2013


so far for this vis dev project we were randomly assigned an animal, and had to make several sketches with the basic anatomy of the animal, but it can't resemble the animal in any way.
My assigned animal was the blue footed booby!
they're really cute as babies.

Vehicles, Vehicles, Vehicles

As our second visual development project we were assigned to do vehicles. We were randomly assigned an adjective, and had to make vehicles based off of that adjective. My work was rainbow! We had to create a scouting vehicle, service vehicle, and an assault vehicle. My assault vehicle was chosen to be taken to finish.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

the xx!

a thing I did for a friend who likes the xx!

Maude the Bearded Woman!

Our first Vis Dev assignment, design three characters, a hero, support, and villain. In the end we only took one to a final character sheet. I took my support character, Maude, to finish. here she is!

I'll get around to post the process of the other two sometime soon.

Bad Sushi

First illustration assignment! We got to pick an article on marina life and do an editorial about it. Mine was about how if you go to a sushi venue and order anything with tuna in it, there's a large chance what you ordered isn't tuna, but a substitute with some nasty side effects.